Special Forces Gore-Tex Jacket/Parka & Polar Fleece SET PTFE ECWCS Army NEW For Sale

Special Forces Gore-Tex Jacket/Parka & Polar Fleece SET PTFE ECWCS Army NEW
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Special Forces Gore-Tex Jacket/Parka & Polar Fleece SET PTFE ECWCS Army NEW:

SpecialForces Gore-Tex Jacket/Parka & Polar Fleece SET. PTFE TacticalDesign Army NEW!

ThisGore-Tex jacketand polar fleece setguarantees excellentprotectionfromthe harshest ofelementsand isthe perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, hunters,bushcrafters, hikers or anyone, who ventures into the wild. Great forbad and cold weather, be it rain, snow, wind or storm. Also very goodfor less extreme outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding,mountaineering or simple walking in the woods and forest. Good forcamping and trekking too. Very attractive and rare surplus fieldgear.

DurablePTFE membrane.Military-gradeGore-Tex jacket. Tearand damage resistant. Good under tactical equipment such as platecarriers, vests, chest-rigs etc.

Thejacket is 100% waterproof and windproof.


-Elongatedin the lower back.Thisfeature gives you an extra protection from the rain, especially whenyou do not have waterproof trousers or when you are having a largebackpack with loose strips. The elongation prevents waist-down areafrom getting wet.

-Thehood can be stowed inside a collar.This feature makes this jacket easily convertible to rain/sunconditions.

-Thehood is profiled and elongated in the top front.Pricelessfeature keeping your face protected from severe precipitation inwindy conditions.

-Thespecial design of two pockets in the chest area.Thechest pockets are designed for the ease of access even while wearingmodular plate carrier tactical vest. It is a great feature,especially during military winter operations, when there is a need towarm up your hands.

-Twosleeve pockets, one on each side.Idealfor quick access to anything you stow in them. The Velcro® on top ofthem enables you to wear patches, numbers, identifiers, etc.

-SolidVelcro regulated fastener in the wrist/cuff area.Thisfeature allows you to achieve snug fit around your wrists thatprevent elements from depleting your body heat.

-Regulatedventilation.Oneach side of the jacket, the zip-locked openings are located toenable regulated ventilation in case of weather/temperature changes.

-Adjustable,elasticregulation cords on waist and hips level.Thisfeature allows you to fit the jacket to your body. Another tool toincrease your security from the elements.

-Allzippers coated with water repellent synthetic wax.Thisis an additional barrier for elements. It keeps a content of yourpockets dry.

-High-qualitypolar fleece jacket included.TheGore-Tex® jacket comes with the polar fleece jacket, which is madewith thick polar fleece fibers. It has two internal and two externalpockets, insulating rubbers in the wrist/cuff area, and it isthickened in the neck area to prevent temperature loss.

-Slightlyreduced surface rustling sound when moving.Most PTFEmembrane clothing make characteristic rustling noise. The surface ofthis jacket has been enhanced to reduce it. It is a good featureespecially when stealth is necessary.

Boththe Gore-Tex® jacket and the polar fleece jacket are 100% new. Theiruniversal olive color makes them suitable for tactical equipment ofany camouflage pattern.

Qualitycomparablewithcivilian products ranging $600 – $1100.Forexample Arc’teryx, The North Face or HiMountain.

Itis manufactured in the European Union to the highest militarystandards.Currently,Itis being used exclusively by the Special Forces of several EUcountries.

We import it as a U.S. based company. Quality and reliability guaranteed!

The jacket is new and unused. It comes straight from the military warehouses of our direct military suppliers.

Please bear with potential signs of long term storage in military warehouse conditions.

Excellentdeal, don\'t wait!

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