UKRAINE RUSSIA WAR 2022 Detail Tank T-72B3 dynamic protection 4c22 pvv-12m For Sale

UKRAINE RUSSIA WAR 2022 Detail Tank T-72B3 dynamic protection 4c22 pvv-12m

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UKRAINE RUSSIA WAR 2022 Detail Tank T-72B3 dynamic protection 4c22 pvv-12m:

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The T-72B3 is a Russian main battle tank of the T-72 family. The T-72B3 modification was developed as a mass and cost-effective alternative to the T-90A main battle tank before the Russian Federation Armed Forces received the new generation of T-14 tanks. It represents a relatively simple and effective upgrade of the T-72B tank, with some parameters upgraded to the level of the T-90A or better as in the T-72B3 fr 2016 (UBH or T-72B3M).

Contact-5 is a second-generation Soviet modular dynamic protection system introduced in 1985, developed by NII Stali and adopted for service in 1986 to improve armor protection against the damaging effects of sub-caliber armor-piercing and shaped charge on Soviet and Russian tanks (T-72BA, T-72B3, T-80U (since 1988[4]), T-90, T-90A, T-90S). With an armor weight of up to three tons it provides 1.9-2 times increased protection against shaped charge shells (60% reduction in penetration of monobloc TBMs) and 1.2 times increased protection against armor-piercing sub-caliber rounds (20% reduction in penetration of APCs).

The dynamic protection \"Kontakt-5\" is structurally composed of individual elements (EDZ) that are mounted on top of the outer armor of the tank. Each element of the 4C22 is a metal box with dimensions 25×13×1.3 cm with a mass of 1.37 kg, of which the mass of the in... of the substance is 0.28 kg with a trot... equivalent of 0.33 k

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