US & USSR INF Treaty Coin Made of Nuclear Missile Metals Decommissioned Cold War For Sale

US & USSR INF Treaty Coin Made of Nuclear Missile Metals Decommissioned Cold War

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US & USSR INF Treaty Coin Made of Nuclear Missile Metals Decommissioned Cold War:

Official Peace Coin of 1987 INF Denuclearization Treaty

X# M21 Reference number on Numista and in Krause's Unusual World Coins.

In 1987 the US and the Soviet Unionsigned the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty also known as the INF treaty. It was put into effect in January of 1988 and as a result manynuclearwarheads andmissiles capable of delivering themwere decommissioned and destroyed.

Thesetokens are made from the metal of the Russian R-12 long range missileswhich were melted down.

The R-12 or SS-4 missile caused the Cuban missile crisis when they were deployed to Cuba by the Soviet Union. It was capable of delivering a large thermonuclear warhead approximately 1300 miles. The coins come from the casing of the missile and consist of Aluminum, Titanium and three other undisclosed metals. They are the first officialcoin to be made from a nuclear weapon. They have been checked just to be safe and they show no raised radiation levels.

The Soviet Peace Committee commissioned the creation of the coins as a fundraiser for helping promote world peace. The first few off the line were given out to prominent world leaders and businessmen who had contributed to the promotion of world peace. Including Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Eduarde Schevardnadze, Armand Hammer, Francois Mitterand and many more.

The coins show a mint date of 1988 which is the only minting of these coins ever made. As the USSR no longer exists it can never be truly minted again.

Each coin has a serialnumber stamped on the rim. They measure 40mm across and are 3mm thick.

Some of the coins show light wear and rubbing. They were stored in rows in boxes and have rubbed a bit as they were moved and stored over the years.

You will receive one coin in a protectivefittedplasticround caseshipped to you first class via USPS.

The coins come in matte and glossy. We aren't sure what caused this, but is likely due to different portions of the missiles being melted down with slightly varying alloys. Both are shown in pictures, if you would like to receive a particular style please send us a message to specify.

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