Vintage WWII U.S Navy Stream turbine gear For Sale

Vintage WWII U.S Navy Stream turbine gear

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Vintage WWII U.S Navy Stream turbine gear:

Vintage WWII G.E.Stream turbine gear
This is a unique exhibit for the discerning WW2 collectors, or museums. A cross compound turbine 8 stage that was manufactured in 1942 by General Electric.
CONDITION: Scratches and dents may be visible due to the passing of time. The item is sold as it is. Its weight is approximately 2-2,5t (4500-5500lbs). The wheel base shown in the pictures is not its own. For this item, we only ship to the US and Europe. If you have more questions, please contact us.
For the US, the transport will be done with a freight container, after arrangement with the buyer. Delivery time may be 55-65 days, depending on the location. The shipping cost for the US is $2500.
For Europe, the transport will be by road, with a truck. The cost of transportation is considerably lower than the US. Buyers should contact us beforehand.
GENERAL INFORMATIONThe packaging of the object is the best possible so that it will reach you as it is.No warranty provided.What you see is what you get.
PAYMENTSAfter the purchase,the buyer will receive the invoice which will include the exact shipping cost and ought topay within 3 days by Pay-Pal ONLY. Furthermore, returns are not accepted.Also, the buyer is responsible for any extra Customs Duties that might arise.

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