WW2 Japanese Exec. Officer (XO) Lt. Navy Uniform Grouping---FREE SHIPPING For Sale

WW2 Japanese Exec. Officer (XO) Lt. Navy Uniform Grouping---FREE SHIPPING

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WW2 Japanese Exec. Officer (XO) Lt. Navy Uniform Grouping---FREE SHIPPING:


Korean War vet collection started in the 1950s immense collection dating from 1400s through The Gulf War.Selling entire collection in group lots.Condition of items varies from like new condition through excellent used condition.These are war time items and imperfections may vary.Condition varies and are reflected in pictures.Many original items are over 100 years old and are antiques.Many items are unique, extremely rare and many have rare maker marks.All items are kept in climate-controlled storage facility.All items can be arranged for pick up, Cash on Delivery. Due to s policies German WW2 items, firearms and any other prohibitive items will not be offered for sale on but are listed on Craigslist North Jersey and 1966 Corvette Roadster and 1992 MII Supercar are on the Google Drive.For Arrangements, additional information orPICTURES OF ALL THE LOTS ON GOOGLE DRIVEor any specific lots you are interested (lot numbers) please email.

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Lot 99…Documented WW2 Japanese Executive Officer (XO) Lieutenant Navy Uniform, Swords, Daggers, Suite Case, Awards, Accoutrements:

Note…The officer is THE ONLY SURVIVOR of the Japanese Submarine I-122 (Mihara) which was sunk coming back from a mine laying mission by the USN USS Skate (SS-305). He contracted malaria prior to this mission and was taken to the hospital in Japan…Rare!!!!

Item 1…WW2 Imperial Japanese Executive Officer (XO) Lieutenant Navy Uniform, Tunic, Named, Unit Marked, Maker Mark, Early Naval Buttons, Pants, Full Lieutenant Boards, Early & Late WW2 Ribbon Bar, Hat, Maker Mark, White Hat Cover.

Item 2…WW2 Imperial Japanese Officer Bamboo Suite Original WW2 Japanese Executive Officer Case.

Item 3…Imperial Japanese Officer Personal Food Bowl & Fish Spoon.

Item 4…Imperial Japanese Family Picture Leaving for War.

Item 5…WW2 Imperial Japanese Officer High Quality Naval Officer Dress Sword, Sharkskin Saya.

Item 6…WW2 Imperial Japanese Naval Officer Award, Samurai Helmet Japan Medal Order, Dated 1935, 12 x 11.5 x 11.5cm, 740 grams, original wooden case (disassembled), Rare.

Item 7…WW2 Imperial Japanese Naval Officer Samurai Sword, Blade Length is 23 ¼”, High Class Fittings, Higher Quality Premium Tsuba/guard with alternating copper and gold wash sun rays, Signed Blade, Tassel, Silver Samurai family mon/crest on the handle, Traditionally-made blade (made in the old ways with 'layered' steel) made in the 16th century and put into WW2 setting--a hada, or layered steel grain is visible in this blade, real beautiful temper line, assembly numbers on the fittings all match number is '19', Sharkskin Scabbard.

Item 8…WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Officer Dress Sword Belt with 2 Hangers.

Item 9…WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Officer Dagger, Blade 8.5”, Total Length 12 ¾”, Scabbard.

Item 10…WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Signal Flag.

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