WW2 Luftwaffe German leather flight jacket REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN FLIEGERJACKE For Sale

WW2 Luftwaffe German leather flight jacket REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN FLIEGERJACKE

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WW2 Luftwaffe German leather flight jacket REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN FLIEGERJACKE:

REINHOLD VON DER Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9 / 210 073 / black 11
Jagdgeschwader GRÜNHERZ JG 54
Up for sale is an extremly rare "Hartmann"-Type leather flight jacket worn by Feldwebel REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN - pls see photo. Its one of my rarest flight jacket of my collection.
I havent seen another one in 30 years collecting with an original pilot picture of the pilot himself.
I have used the picture for my other Hartmann flight jackets before. This picture of REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN is 100% authentic - with the jacket.
I will give the DIGITAL Photo without markings the new owner of this flight jacket.
REINHOLD VON DER STRATEN flew in 10. Staffel JG 54, He was a pilot of the III. Group JG 54 Hptm. Robert Weiß (Hptm= Hauptmann/ JG= Jagdstaffel)
You can see him on this picture - a good looking Pilot by the way - as he was UNTEROFFIZIER. I have added his original shoulder boards .
The later shoulder boards - the Feldwebel ones are also added to this sale. So you get the two pair of shoulder boards in his career.
This flight jacket has the shoulder loops present as well as the shoulder board buttons - exact 16 mm.
Feldwebel Reinhold von der Straten was shot down in his Langnase Focke Wulff in 31.12.1944 and it was burning. He was shot down by1st Lieutenant Porterfield flying the P51 Mustang- he needed523 rounds of ammunition from his 1.27 cm board MGs to get him down!
You can see the partly shrunken leatherat the left side of this jacket (frontview = right side). Parts of the front and the back of this jacket as well as the left arm was hidden by the fire and hasthe special characteristica of the Kerosine burnmarks.
On the photo you see EXACT his jacket. The collar and the pockets of each "Hartmann-Type" flight jackets are like finger prints. This jacket is for the advancedcollector - who wants to have a "named" Hartmann Type flight jacket - 100% Proof of History.[ ....I know there are many people out in forums - who discuss my flight jackets. I am one of the rare persons , who is equiped with the money power to providesuch rare things - makes out some people jealous who cant afford those jackets - I am sorry for that.....]
In this sale you will get the Original Flight jacket from Feldwebel Reinhold von der Straten and his 2 pair of shoulder boards and the digital Photo - I couldntget the original WW2 photo from the owner - he wanted to keep it . I did everything to get it with no chance!
The two chest pockets are equiped with ECLAIR SGDG zippers but the heads are a bit bigger than the normal Eclairs, which makes this jacket SPECIAL !The teeth are solid nickel teeth as well as the frontzipper , which is completely unmarked.
In 30 Years collecting I havent seen such jacket in an sale house before ( and I am nearly everywhere!)... so this is a real bargain for you and your collection.
TO THE BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!:The story of the launch and the parachutist leaving the fire standing Fw 190 "Langnase" can be found in the book "Geenhearts" -(German "with Fw 190 in use") - see photo (one page - text of the book) - on one page that I got you can read his story from his shotdown !
By the way - the magnetic buckle of this flight jacket is 1:1 the same one like on Erich Hartmanns flight jacket !
Reinhold van /or von der Straten was wounded in 15.10.1943 - you can read some information in the internet I have added a link to the picture ....
I couldnt get the original photo - I could only have the good digital photo of the original one. So you get also the untouched digital photo of the Fighter Group - pls see pictureTo his shotdown - its documented in every detail:
Date: December 31, 1944 ,Nationality:Germany Type / Serial No. / Identification: Fw 190 D-9/210 073 / black 11 Category: Single Engine Fighter Unit: Season 10 JG 54 Crew (number): 1 man Crew (name): Sergeant Reinhold von Straten Place (gone down): Ruppach-Goldhausen (Montabaur) / On a field next to the highway (landing place of the pilot). Time: Approx. 12:15 clock Cause: Shooting by a US fighter of type P-51 Mustang (1st Lieutenant Georg N. Porterfield / 352. FS / 353. FG / 8. USAAF). Destiny of the crew: 1 man injured survived / parachute jump Other: 1st Lieutenant Porterfield needed for the kill 523 rounds of ammunition from his 1.27 cm board MGs. Sources: 1. Axel Urbanke: With Fw 190 D-9 in use - the history of III. JG 54 1944/45 and the way of their men until the end of the war at the JG 26 2nd Encounter Report 1st Lieutenant Porterfield, 31st December 1944
Do you still have doubts? - The collar is 1:1 the same shape - he opened the collar a few steps (a few teeth) and the tips went a bit more far from one another ( I can document it on a video that I can sent to you) , the pockets are 1:1 shape - both paired is impossible find but - Then the round Eclairs (bigger type) seen on the picture 1:1 matching, The small ball buttons on lower pocket - extremly matching 1:1, PLUS There is a little fold at the waist line - on the left side of the jacket on the picture is the right side - the fold is right under and beneeth the tip of the lower flap pocket - 1:1 picture and jacket = matching - its the 100% proof - this is his jacket ! and at last but not least - the burnmarks on the leather from the shutdown on 31.12. 1944 - ......That should wipe away any doubts !
This jacket has been nourished with the best oils - they will never rot in leather - and will protect this flight jacket for hundrets of years. One pocket had been Professionally repaird in nearly perfect manner - it was a bit cut due to parachute jump! All history ..... Dont hesitate to ask me any questions ....
You cant afford the whole sum of money? I accept also payment of installments - for example 500 Dollar / Euro a month.
I will ship it until the final rate is paid. I had it several times with no issues international !

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