KILL COMMUNISTS - Patch - PROLIBERATE - Chu Lai Security - Vietnam War - 8101 For Sale

KILL COMMUNISTS - Patch - PROLIBERATE - Chu Lai Security - Vietnam War - 8101

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KILL COMMUNISTS - Patch - PROLIBERATE - Chu Lai Security - Vietnam War - 8101:

US NAVY - River / Ocean Patrol - Swift Boats - Chu Lai Harbor Security - SAT CONG - Kill Communists - Proliberate.

Vietnam War Patch. River Recon - US class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 8pt; LINE-HEIGHT: normal">For your kind Consideration.

Post on patches is $2.99 for first item and 20c postage for additional patches posted in same order. If you have any questions please contact me. I post daily. Many thanks.

Cheesecloth backed Vietnam War patch - Filler - made for collecting, swapping, made during conflict and through to mid-late 1980's in Vietnam- Pieces were made in Vietnam.

More recent, similar pieces are felt backed (I do not sell felt back) - if you have any questions about anagrams used, translations, unit location etc please ask – I am always happy to answer.

Command Control, North, South, Central, MACV, Special Forces, SOG, Special Op’s, Special Operations Group, 5 th Special Forces, Army Security Agency, Military Intelligence, Psy-Ops, US Army, De Oppresso Liber, Airborne, 1 st Special Forces, CIDG, Mike Force, Mobile Guerrilla Force, Mobile Strike Force, Operations Detachment, Provincial Recon Unit, Recon Teams, RT, USMC, United States Marine Corps, Vietnam War, WWII, WWI, French Indochine War, French Foreign Legion, Legion Etrange, Project Omega, Recondo School, Rapid Fire, Project Delta, Special Missions Advisory Force, Project Gamma, Project Sigma, Indigenous Troops, MACV-SOG, CCC, CCS, CCN, USARV, SMAG, TAG, Field Training Command, Recon Team Leader, US Navy, Air Force, AATTV, Long Tan, Nui Dat, AAFV, ATF, New Zealand V Force, Big Red One, 1st Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division, Tropic Lightning, 25th Infantry Division, Subdued, Patch, Patches, Uniform, Helmet, Flash, Beret, Arc, Tab, 101 st Airborne Division, 82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne, Combat, Militaria, Medal, Badge, Map, 199th Infantry Brigade, Old Ironsides, 5th Infantry Division, MAAG, USARPAC, XXIV Corps, 23rd Infantry Division, Americal, 38th Infantry Division, Black Op’s, Clandestine, Non-Conventional Warfare, 11th Infantry Brigade, 11th Armored, 196th , 1st Aviation, 18th Engineers, Medic, Medical, Viet Cong, VC, Viet Minh, Dien Bien Phu, Saigon, Tiger Force Rangers, Ranger, Logistical Command, Khe Sanh, POW, RVN, ARVN, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, NVA, Hanoi, Siagon, Phan Rang, LLDB, Bright Light, Free World Forces, Company, Platoon, Patrol, Long Range, Special Forces, ARVN, Green Berets, Elite, Recon, Reconnaissance, CCN, CCC, CCS, MACV SOG, SOA, Paratrooper, Parachutist, Vietnam War, Special

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