Order Alexander Suvorov 1degree Platinum/Gold for Marshal R4 For Sale

Order Alexander Suvorov 1degree Platinum/Gold for Marshal R4

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Order Alexander Suvorov 1degree Platinum/Gold for Marshal R4 :

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In July 1942, when the order of Suvorov was established, it was one of the mostdifficult and dramatic periods of the great Patriotic war.The orderbecame the highest distinction among the "commander's" awards and wasintended to award the Highest command staff of the red army fortactical skill and successful conduct of military operations of anoffensive nature.

I degree 2 type-made of 4 main parts: a platinum star, agold medallion with enamel coating in gray, a goldoverlay bas-relief and a small ruby star on the upper beam of alarge star. Its total weight is 41.8 g, including platinumcontent-28.995 g, gold-8.84 g; However, there areexceptions for weight characteristics and acceptable "Remedium".(lat. Remedium-a term denoting an acceptable deviation from thestandard mass) In this particular case, this is 10 % of the regulatory weight .

The order of Suvorov of the 1st degree presented above is a very interestinginstance of the transitional production process ( from a blank with aloop for a suspended type ) , which later "koneversii" on (Монетный двор). Distinctive characteristics of this phenomenon aredistinguishable by the marks on the ear for 12 hours .. the place of filing, athinner profile of the workpiece and "water relief signs" of the reverse .

This order of Suvorov 1 belonged to the MARSHAL of the SOVIET UNION (order book included )

Marshal of the Soviet Union-a personal military rank, later amilitary rank of the highest command in the red army, the highest in

seniority in the command rank table until 1945.

Over the entire history of the USSR, 41 people were awarded the title of Marshal .

General condition of the order of "high degree of preservation".Minimal wear marks .

An expert examination was also carried out for the content of precious metals inPlatinum crystal star, 99.688 % and Central Gold medallionwith bas-relief 95.804% .

The results are shown in receipts on the scan .Included are flange nuts .

To confirm the accuracy, at different times with an interval of 14 years,an American and Russian expert examination was carried out ( scans of which arealso attached )

a lot of scientific and expert work has been done .For the buyer and the privacy of the number is covered .An excellent long-term investment and an investment that will only grow in value over time .And the possession of such "collectible orders" gives status and exclusivity .

When sending the order for safety and reliability,it will be enclosed in aspecial cache box with a combination lock.Worldwide delivery guaranteeBy Special Courier Services Fedex!!!


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