c1829 Civil War Confederate Sword Factory Marked LEE-Richmond VA Sig Existence 1 For Sale

c1829 Civil War Confederate Sword Factory Marked LEE-Richmond VA Sig Existence 1

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c1829 Civil War Confederate Sword Factory Marked LEE-Richmond VA Sig Existence 1:

Extremely Rare c1829 Civil War Confederate Sword

Marked: Richmond VA and LEE With Signatures

***This Rare Sword Will Be Hand Delivered Accompanied By Local Law Enforcement ***

This Sword Is Known As The Only Sword On Earth With These Markings

(A Rare and 100% Authentic Untouched Beautiful Confederate LEE Sword)

♦♦♦ Please view close up details of this highly rare Confederate Sword ♦♦♦

*** Highly Rare Confederate "LEE / Richmond VA" Sword and Scabbard Known As The Only One In Existence To Date.***

Please do not offer nor buy if you are a common not as described buyer. My photos and description are per the Holy Grail in describing this rare sword to my best ability including high resolution photos.

- This is truly a one of a kind Stamped on the throat of the blade on one side Richmond VA and LEE stamped on the other side with signatures on the etched blade. Robert E. Lee had an Artillery Factory in Richmond including Camp LEE. This sword was made for a very important person and I have not located another the same in the many years of collecting Civil War Swords.

- The Union wanted General Lee to help Military operations, but General Lee chose to Operate Military which became The Confederate States of America in 1861, knowing that Virginia was General Lee's home State.

- Once The Confederate States was formed in Montgomery Alabama in early 1861 being one the first states to secede from the Union, making Jefferson Davis President of The Confederate States of America, he appointed General Lee to be in control of military operations. The Capital of The Confederate States was in Richmond VA. (Short Version)

- This model sword was used in 1845 in America's war against The American Mexican War which General Lee was highly involved in. When General Lee Was appointed to Command The Confederate States of America in Richmond VA being one of the largest Industrial Centers - Main Hub for Southern Manufacturing of Weapons - swords firearms, explosives, Clothing, everything "Camp LEE", this sword that was used by General Lee in the war of 1845 was a popular sword, but rare and to be one of many swords stamped by the Richmond VA factory LEE, stamped Richmond VA on one side of the ricasso throat beneath the guard flanges and LEE stamped on the opposite side of the sword throat. This was initially one of many that are lost that was the first sword to become CSA by General LEE.

- At the time of CSA becoming The Confederate States of America in 1861, all swords in hand became Confederate swords until CSA factories started manufacturing the actual CSA - CS swords. This LEE sword blade matches all Virginia made Confederate swords.

- Richmond, Virginia, served as the capital of the Confederate States of America for almost the whole period of the American Civil War. It was a vital source of weapons and supplies for the war effort, and the terminus of five railroads in both manufacturing and importing Confederate Arsenal.

- The Union made many attempts to invade Richmond. In the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, General George McClellan moved up the James River, almost to the suburbs of the city, but was beaten back by Robert E. Lee in the Seven Days of Battles. In 1864-5, General U.S. Grant laid siege to nearby Petersburg, whose evacuation by Lee caused the government to flee the capital, which the retreating Confederates left in flames.

- Sword Length with Scabbard: 41-1/4""

- Sword Length with no Scabbard: 38"

- Sword Blade Length: 32-3/4"

- Blade from spine to cutting edge: 1-3/16

- 100% solid with and complete with age, patina, no pitting "Original"

- About 50% of the blade is etched with floral on each side with Confederate marks engraved on the blade spine.

- Measurements are provided in my high resolution photos...

- Please view photos closely; all photos are taken with a high resolution camera which is also my description.

- I do keep on all my swords including other antiquities a very light natural non build up oil placed in a non humid, non smoking controlled environment.

**** Displays Props Not Included, "Only The LEE Sword and Scabbard" Is Fore Sale ****

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

This is the real deal and not one to miss...

- Once again please review my high resolution photos for details and condition. Please do not buy if you are not 100% sure.... I do take returns if my item for sale is not the same item shown in my high resolution photos. If my item for sale has any defects they will be shown in my photos and noted in my description as well.

- I ask that you communicate before possibly leaving any negative response. I will provide positive response once you have left response after receiving your item.

- I am always happy to have repeat happy customers and will always do my best to take 100% care of your business.

My response speaks for the quality, secure packing and fast shipping...

Once again, you get exactly what you see in my photos "LEE Civil War Sword and Scabbard" only and not any of the display items, backgrounds, or props, etc.

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