ww2 signal corps photo albums 600 photos 16x20 rare original prints no reserve For Sale

ww2 signal corps photo albums 600 photos 16x20 rare original prints no reserve

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ww2 signal corps photo albums 600 photos 16x20 rare original prints no reserve:

my uncle presented these albums to his superiors. the officers would review the photos & mark them as confidential or approved for public release. each photo has a check and initials on the rear, along with the corresponding stamp. the pictures also have type writer written descriptions glued to the front of each photo; as well as us army pictorial service emblem in the lower right hand corner.

ww2 signal corps photo album collection. 12 albums in total with 600 total pictures. 50 photos in each album. the albums are individually numbered and dated. each picture is 16” x 20” with information about the photographer, subjects, location, date, etc. (see pictures for examples) includes pictures taken by german photographers, then captured & produced by american troops. photos consist of action shots from battle, everyday troop activities, religious ceremonies, deceased troops from multiple countries, historic locations, historic figures; as well as european citizens and soldiers. the action shots are very descriptive! there are many gruesome photos, containing scenes from battle/pow camps/concentration camps/etc. several pictures are marked confidential and were not released for public consumption. religious service photos include the first jewish services in germany and france. identification of american soldiers on roughly 25% of the photos. photos from germany, france, holland, england, belgium, & luxembourg. hundreds of european cities and battlefield areas are included. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANOTHER COLLECTION THIS LARGE. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ALBUMS LIKE THESE LISTED BEFORE. I HAVE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHED ALMOST ALL OF THESE PHOTOS AND ONLY LOCATED LESS THAN 50. EXTREMELY RARE ITEMS! i am willing to allow viewing of the photos, but only at a law enforcement station. i will not allow photos to be taken, as this will lower the value of my collection. please feel free to ask questions. i will answer as best as i can. the photos are in good condition for ORIGINAL PHOTOS & ALBUMS. albums have some scratches and loose fittings. pictures range from near perfect down to a 3 or 4 at the absolute worst. descriptions on the rear of each photo are easy to read on 90% of the pictures. glued descriptions on the front of many photos. these are a family heirloom and date back to ww2. if you collect ww2 photos, these are for you. i’ve been to the ww2 museum in new orleans and these pictures should be in their collection. truly amazing! i have been asked to share this collection for copying with multiple universities and even a few public archives. i have not done so, specifically to keep these photos valuable & out of the public eye.

$5000 down payment via paypal with certified bank check for remaining balance. no transfer of albums until the check clears at my bank.

local pickup available or i will deliver within 3 hours of st. louis, mo.

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