The Order of the Red Star (pictured above) is one of the Soviet Union's many decorations for valor and service. It is
Fig. 1, Ribbon for
The Order of the Red Star
as simple in form as it is stunning. It is a five- pointed, silver star with red enamel. This Order uses more red enamel than any other Soviet Order. The Order of the Red Star is 45mm in diameter. In the center of the star is a silver disc
Fig. 2, Prior to June 1943, the Order of the Red Star was worn on the left breast. Image courtesy Paul McDaniel
with a figure of a Soviet soldier holding a rifle. Surrounding the soldier is the inscription “Workers of all countries, unite!” Below the soldier the letters “CCCP” and a crossed hammer and sickle in silver. A red ribbon with a 5mm grey stripe in the center may be worn in lieu of the star (Fig. 1).
The Order of the Red Star was established on April 6, 1930 by order of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. Statutes for award of the order were instituted on May 5, 1930 with the first order awarded on May 13, 1930 to Civil war hero, V.K. Blukher. At first, the order was awarded to high ranking officers and officials. The requirements for award of the order are as follows:
"The Order of the Red Star is awarded for outstanding achievements in the defense of the USSR and for actions in maintaining state security in times of peace."
It was later awarded for lengths of service until the Medal for Irreproachable Service was established on September 14, 1957. By statute the order may, also, be bestowed upon a unit, ship or organization. It may be awarded to foreigners. It is worn on the right breast. Prior to June 19, 1943 it was worn on the left breast (Fig. 2). When worn with other orders it is worn after the Order of the Patriotic War, 2 nd Class.
Types and Variations
There are three types of the order with Type 2 having eight variations.
Fig. 3
Type 1
Goznak mint mark
Noted serial numbers between 205 and 754.
Fig. 4
Type 2
Early transition piece. No mint mark.
Serial numbers
Fig. 5
Type 2
Mondvor mint mark, large curved mark.
Large letters with a curved mintmark. Serial numbers 2647-7821.
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