AmmoGarand M1 Garand Web Sling OD Green Cotton for USGI Rifle/Shotguns *US Made* For Sale

AmmoGarand M1 Garand Web Sling OD Green Cotton for USGI Rifle/Shotguns *US Made*

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AmmoGarand M1 Garand Web Sling OD Green Cotton for USGI Rifle/Shotguns *US Made*:

AmmoGarandM1 GarandOD Green Cotton Web Sling,Made in USA!

Our USGI Pattern Slings are the BEST!

AmmoGarand M1 Garand Slingsaremade in theUSAto original Specs with proper OD Green cotton web. All sling metal is Parkerized as the original GI Slings and NOT the shiny black or mixed metal colors found on all the imported china/pak repro's (yea, our competitors from the far east try but wcs, at the front, warrepplica and all the other import sellers just can't match our product!!!

Feel free to contact us if you need to know how to spot the imports, lots of them out there and usually cheap so you get what you pay for but many have overpriced their Chinese stuff to "look like American" lately!

-Made in the USA to original specs!

- Patterned after the USGI WWII - Vietnam Era web sling.

- Slings are made to GI Spec, 1-1/4" wide by 48" long unrigged (approx 46" long rigged and fully extended from Sling hook to keeper loop)

- Cotton webmade to proper OD color and customdimensionso not too thick or wide to hamper use. This also means you WON'Thave to wash or "break in" the canvas.

- Keeper Buckles lock tight so NO slipping of web when closed and they release easily for quick adjustments.

- Hardware is Parkerized to the original GI Standard and matches in color ( unlike the import repros that have mix finish or shiny, some grey, some black). End tab is the only black metal on these and that is as the originals were finished as ours come from the very same USGI supplier that made them in WWII.

- These will fit most all commercial rifles and shotguns with1-1/4" wide swivels. They will fit ANYTHING! but you NEED the proper 1-1/4" swivels on your rifle to make it happen!!

** Slings installinfo provided with sling.

** Our Slings are only sold by AmmoGarand as we DO NOT distribute our Slings to other sellers so beware of those copying our adds, drop-shippers and others selling Chinese or low quality mixed imports that are NOT same as our sling!

* ForMulti Item Buys,we combine buys and refund differencewhen we ship as usually has incorrect shipping when you buy more than two lots or get other items we sell.
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US Sales ONLY!

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