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Civil War Union Army Officer Commission Documents with Shoulder Straps (Choice) for Sale - Soviet-Awards.com

Civil War Union Army Officer Commission Documents with Shoulder Straps (Choice) For Sale

Civil War Union Army Officer Commission Documents with Shoulder Straps (Choice)

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Civil War Union Army Officer Commission Documents with Shoulder Straps (Choice):

Before ordering:
Please contact us to determine if the Shoulder Straps you desire are in stock!Straps Shown in the listing are representative of the colors availableduring the Civil War
Civil War Union Army Officer’s Commission Documents
With Choice of Shoulder Straps (See color choices below)
All Documents are Highly Detailed and Accurate to the Original in style, spelling, andpunctuation.Dark Black Graphics Throughout!

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If you were to try and purchase an original Civil War Officer’scommission you could expect to pay several thousand dollars! Or perhaps you have always dreamed ofreplacing the lost commission of a relative who served as a Union Officer duringthe American Civil War, you are a “student” of the war, as a gift to encouragea child or grandchild to study American History, or to complete in your name, frameand hang in your library. If so, this isyour chance!

This offering is for a faithful recreation of a United States Army Officer’sCommission signed by President Lincoln and Secretaryof War Stanton along with other supporting documents.

You will receive a blank, parchment reproduction Commission dated for the 1860sand the following United States Federal Army Officer’s documents:

  • An 11" x 17" commission (shown here as 8 ½" x 14")
  • Enlistment Papers (not shown)
  • A War Department Notification of your appointment by the President
  • An Oath of Office (aka Iron Clad Loyalty Oath)
  • Set of Shoulder Straps in Branch of your CHOICE
BRANCH OF SERVICE: Artillery-Red, Cavalry-Yellow, Infantry-Blue orRegulation-Sky Blue, Berdan Sharpshooters Green, Medical-Black or Regulation Blue
Staff Officer-Black or Regulation Blue, General Officer-Black or Regulation Blue
(Regulation Subdued Straps are also available but not shown here)
(Pix of shoulder straps shown in this offering are representative of the 55 different straps available to choose from!)COMPANY GRADE: 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain
FIELD GRADE: Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel
MEDICAL SERVICE: 1st Lieut (Asst. Surgeon), Captain (Asst. Surgeon), Major (Surgeon)
Civil War Campaign Streamers are sold separately, so please visit our store to view our full line of items offered.

ThisRECREATION is a must for the Civil War enthusiast, re-enactor, livinghistorian, student of the American Civil War, and medal collector. Because we strive to exactly replicate theoriginal of each item we offer, we continually research and modify ourofferings as necessary.(rev. 22 Feb 12)

We are a CombatDisabled Veteran owned small business. Since creating our first reproductionmedal in 2007, we have been guided by the principle that we would provide you-- our customer -- with the highest quality, most accurate reproductionspossible, at an affordable price. Eachproduct we sell has beenpainstakingly developed, often over many months, and injected with as much WOWfactor as we can muster, and thencarefully packed and shipped within onebusiness day.If you are not satisfied with your purchase for anyreason – or for no reason at all – please give us an opportunity to set thingsright, or we will gladly refund your purchase price.If, for anyreason outside of normal wear and tear, any medal, pin, badge, buckle, orbrooch we stock should ever fail, we will replace it for the cost of shippingand handling and, on that,you have our word!(rev. 1 Oct 20)

Wecannot be responsible for any items shipped outside of the UnitedStates if damaged, refused, or seized by customs regulators in yourcountry, etc. Import duties, taxes andother charges you might incur due to overseas shipping are not included in theitem price and are the buyers responsibility.Please check with your country's Customs Office and/or Postal Service todetermine what, if any, additional costs will be added prior to offerding/buying. Delivery time to your country can vary widely,from a few days to many weeks, depending on your local mail processing and/orcustoms inspection requirements. To knowingly falsify a CustomsDeclaration is Illegal under International Law!So, when you purchase an item from us, it must be declared as merchandise and cannot be changed! (rev. 11 Feb 21)

Save $$$ on Shippingand Handling! We will combine all itemshipped at the same time and to the same address and you will only pay Shippingand Handling on the highest cost item, regardless of how many items youpurchase. So, if purchasing multipleitems, please ask us to send you an invoice so we can properly deduct any excessS & H charges. (rev. 3 Mar 12)

PAYMENT POLICY:Payment must be received within 3-business days of purchase and the itemwill not be shipped until payment clears.

RETURN POLICY:If anything in this offering has been misstated we will take the itemback and refund all your money, including return postage, once the item, in“like new” condition, is in our possession. If you received an item in error, we willreplace it once the incorrect item is in our possession, and we will reimburseyou for the actual cost of return postage. All other returns must be approved by us, inadvance, received within 14-calendar days of your receipt, and are to bepackaged and insured to assure deliver in “like new” condition. Refunds on returned items exclude all postage,handling, payment processing fees, insurance, etc. associated with the sale ofthis item.

Please be advised: The Federal Commission is so large itmust be mailed in a tube which cannot be processed by USPS automated equipment.Regardless of the 3-5-day delivery window the Post Office states on their site, these have been known to take from asfew as to 3 to as many as 30-BUSINESS DAYS to arrive at your local post office for delivery, even longer if you resideoverseas! The reason for this defies logic since large packages are handled much more quickly. Regardless, it is a fact...so please be patient. And again, for overseas delivery, once the package leaves the US, there is no tracking information available. All you will see if you track the package is when it was accepted at my post office and when it was processed at the overseas sort facility. After that, like the space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere, neither you or I can get any additional information on the pacakge and you will not know anything more until the package arrives at your door! I sure wish your postal service communicated with ours in the US, but that just doesn't happen!!!

To help prevent piracy, the photographs of the documentswhich appear in the listing have been intentionally blurred.

Other minor differences may be evident upon receipt as we continuallyupdate and refine the documents to make them more realistic and period correct

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