NSWDG DeVGru Gold Squadron Subdued "Blackout" Troop Emblem For Sale

NSWDG DeVGru Gold Squadron Subdued

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NSWDG DeVGru Gold Squadron Subdued "Blackout" Troop Emblem:

NSWDG DeVGru Gold Squadron Large embroidered Dark Military Subdued Black Squadron patch.  Non-I/R absorbing Blackout patch.  Condition is "Used". 

Large patch is over 3.5".  NOT a Tactical Squadron patch since it is I/R light reflecting.  Stitched to MILSPEC hook material.

Emblem Color is military black color on flat black background. Very nice embroidered detail for a patch.  Sometimes called the "Muscle Lion" patch, but really a tribute patch to the first "Gold Knights" patches of the original command.  Lion is same size and style as the 2002-5 Crusader Lion emblems, but "ghost" stitched onto the background material.  Matches Underway and Blackout uniforms, but looks awesome on AOR, woodland or sand color uniforms or gear.  One of three style/size squadron/troop emblems used.

Made as a morale patch here in Virginia Beach, VA using private morale and rec. funds.

Very limited number left

Shipped with USPS First Class. 

Patches image blurred to prevent counterfeiting.

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