WWII German Memorial Grouping of Three Brothers Killed Letters Photos Plaque For Sale

WWII German Memorial Grouping of Three Brothers Killed Letters Photos Plaque

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WWII German Memorial Grouping of Three Brothers Killed Letters Photos Plaque:


Memorial KIA items to Gefreiter Karl Hinn of Simmersbach, Dillenburg. He was killed during Operation Silverfox in Lapland on August 20th, 1941 while serving in the 5th Company 392nd Infantry Regiment 169th Infantry Division.
Items pertaining to Karl include a large memorial plaque (with a modern picture hanger added on rear), memorial cross (cross bar is not attached), original small size photo of his grave, enlarged colored photo of his grave, other small items relating to his death (paper clipping, memorial card etc), as well as letters written by him, his shooting book, an employment book, and a family photo album.
In addition there are many letters to and from his older and younger brothers who were also killed in combat on the eastern front.
His brothers were Walter Hinn who was KIA in the Kursk Salient serving with Panzerjager Battalion 248 and Albert Hinn who was KIA during Operation Bagration serving with Grenadier Regiment 88. There are a couple photos of Albert included with his letters.

One of the Translated Letters:

In the field the 7.8.41.

Dear parents and siblings!I received your mail from 20+23 and was very happy about it. The mail from you will run for about 14 days. I can imagine that you have waited a long time for mail. I suppose that it will be better now. You will have received my last letter by now. I would write more but there is not much time to do so. We have to work and watch day and night. If you get 3 to 4 hours sleep in 24 hours, then it went well. If we had more people, then things would be much better. But we do not have quite 50 more men in the company. The first few days had taken us too hard. We left with 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 1 sergeant major and 5 sergeants. We had to give up our captain, two lieutenants and a sergeant major were killed, and the sergeants are all wounded. Of course, it was the same with the teams. The close fights are the worst I can imagine. You can\'t see anything and we can\'t really show our firepower to advantage. If we had free terrain, things would probably look different. The Russian uses big guns and fights exactly for his fatherland as we do. They sneak around like cats and don\'t waver or move. When our Stukas are there, there is great peace. The Stukas are almost gone and there they are again. He has much more losses than we have. Up here it cannot make a decision. At the moment we have entrenched ourselves and the Russian too. In short, there is artillery and reconnaissance activity. At night it is getting a bit dark and you have to watch out like a lynx. It remains to be seen how things will go on. In the last days there are many thunderstorms and it is sometimes quite cold. The Wehrmacht report mentions the capture of Salla where our regiment commander earned the Knight\'s Cross. Colonel Schack. I am glad that you are still doing well which I wish you also in the future. Since now many greetings from your Karl-First page last two lines:If I can, I will write to Walter in the next few days. He can only be happy.-Second page 90°:Congratulations to Albert on his birthday.-Second page 180°:If possible you can always include something to write with, because you don\'t always have something with you.

He died 13 days after writing that. I sifted through each letter and that is the last one remaining before death

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