War of the Rebellion - Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies For Sale

War of the Rebellion - Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies

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War of the Rebellion - Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies:

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Would make a great gift for a special occasion, or keep for yourself!We were just able to pick up a number of books and prints/posters that were in the personal collection of a book store owner from PA whom is no longer with us. These items will be posted in our store over the next few days.There have only been 3 or 4 issuances of this fabulous collection of information about the Civil War with data obtained from both sides. There are 118 volumes here in total, so 11 to 12 volumes of the set missing.Here is what we identified as the volumes missing going by the serial numbers (set is numbered 1-130);This set is missing Serial numbers 30 (Vol 20, part II), Serial Nos. 36-40 (Volumes 24 & 25), Serial N0s. 87-89 (Vols 41 & 42), Serial 109 Vol 52, part 1), Serial Nos. 112-113) and Serial Nos. 126-127 (Series III, Vol 5 and Series 4 Vol 1).The first edition of these books started being issued a little over 20 years after the War ended. The books' full title is, "The War of the Rebellion, A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies". These books offered here were reprinted in 1985 by the Historical Times, Inc. and distributed by Broadfoot Publishing Company of Wilmington, NC.The books have black cloth hardcovers. The books' pages are 45 lb. Glatfelter Acid Free Paper. The covers still have very good color to them. The spine is done in gold gilt, has the title of the book, the compiler of the books, the volume number, edition, and the state being the issuing company. The front and back covers are still securely attached to the rest of the book at the spine. The books themselves are in very good shape, almost new condition. There are no dust covers with these books they never came with any. Some very minor rub and/or push in to the covers, mostly to the corners.All sorts of tables and indexes though out all the books. Each of the volumes is 8.75" tall, by 6" across, by 1-7/8" to 2-7/8" wide. Sorry, the bookcase shown in the first pic and other items seen in the last pics ares not included, just the books described here.Let us know if you have any questions or need additional pictures. Don’t be shy to make an offer, we are always open to reasonable suggestions.We might consider breaking the set up as well, but not the offer price divided by number of volumes, which would be $30. Break up volumes would be around $60 per volume, if we decide to allow this option.We can pack the books up for you and send to your location. You are also welcome to pick them up in Wilmington, DE to save the pack/ship charges. We can also deliver them to you within 300 miles of our location. Charge to deliver would be $.60 per mile plus any tolls. So if you are 40 miles away, then the charge to deliver would be $58 (2*40*.60+$10). If we agree to deliver the books to you and you then decide to not keep them, the delivery charges would not be refundable for whatever reason.Make sure that this item meets your needs and requirements before deciding to acquire it. The item can be returned, there is a 10% restocking fee to do so. So, please carefully review all the attached pictures,ask all the questions you have, come see in person or send a friend to see the item on your behalf, prior to deciding to acquire it. Please check out our other Timeless Tokens store listings as we are regularly adding new items. We specialize in antique and vintage artwork, books, collectibles, furniture, musical instruments, paper ephemera, marine/nautical, and clocks. Thanks for your business. (D18002). Payment Policy PayPal is the only form of paymentaccepted. No personal checks. PayPal allows you to pay via an accepted credit card or a transfer from your bank account. Immediate payment is required for items where thefull listing price is paid. When a best offer price is accepted, the sooner payment is made, the sooner your item will be shipped. Once full payment is received, your item will be shipped on the same or next business day (depending on the time of day the purchase is made). For example, an item paid for on Tuesday will be shipped no later than end of day Wednesday. An item paid for on Friday will be shipped no later than end of day Monday. U.S. Federal holidayswill impact shipping dates. Shipping Policy Shipping is availableto: 48 contiguous U.S. states andCanada. Select countries (disclosed inindividual item description). PayPal confirmed addresses only.No APO/FPO delivery. Items will be shipped via USPS or UPS Ground,based on thebuyer's preference. Shippedon the same or next business day following receipt of full payment. UPS/USPS tracking number will be provided. Shipping includes the cost of insurance, where applicable. 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Please note that a restocking fee is charged toto cover costs related to the loss of listing time and other potential sales, plus the amount of care and time that goes into preparing our unique and fragile items for shipping. In accordance with 's Buyer Protection Program, the purchase price plus original shipping costwill berefunded to the buyer once the item has beenreceived by the seller, minus the 10% restocking fee noted. Buyer would pay for thereturn shipping cost and any applicable insurance cost (item is the buyer's financial responsibility until the item is safely returned to the seller by shipper). Guarantee All items are as described, withany item history, known defects or imperfections disclosed in each listing. Item description andpictures should be carefully reviewed prior to purchase. Any questions or inquiries or any additional pictures should be requested of theseller prior to purchase. 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