vintage Soviet Union Military tank helmet of the Soviet Army USSR For Sale

vintage Soviet Union Military tank helmet of the Soviet Army USSR

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vintage Soviet Union Military tank helmet of the Soviet Army USSR:

vintageSoviet Union Military tank helmet of the Soviet Army USSRSummer option.

Helmet in combat condition ready for use in the tank

Helmet of a tanker 1990 (the last photo has a stamp), used, normally preserved. Helmet of the summer period, the photo shows that there are no significant defects and holes. It has temporary wear, scuffs on the body (the condition is perfectly visible in the photo, the photo was specially taken from different sides so that the condition can be clearly seen).

at the moment there is also a helmet of an earlier period, a winter version with fur, at the sale. Hurry and buy while stocks last.

Also in my sale there are other items of combat ammunition of the Soviet Army from the times of the USSR, the quantity and assortment will be replenished from time to time.

By purchasing this lot, you get a piece of the history of the once great superpower of the USSR, which no longer exists, given the subject is no longer produced, every day they become less and less.

In the photo, I tried to convey the condition of the goods as best as possible, if you have additional questions, ask them before the completion of the transaction, I will be happy to answer them.

There are other items of the former USSR on my sale, look, choose. I remind you that when buying several lots, you can significantly save on shipping (I send lots together).

lot shipping cost is $ 20
Lots are not sent to Russia, Belarus, and also to Australia (the latter due to the inability to send by the carrier).Please note that I am not a payer of taxes and customs duties established by the country of the recipient (if such rules are established by your country), such taxes are paid by the buyer. 5Due to the situation in Ukraine, as well as due to interruptions in the work of the delivery service, the parcel may sometimes be delayed, please treat this with understanding.

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