"Wearer's Copies" of the Gold Star Medal. The final word.
by Henry Sakaida & A. Bates

The below document says:

"According to the Regulation on State Awards of the Russian Federation, adopted by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, dated March 2, 1994, No. 442, in case of loss of decorations, medals, or breastplates to the honorary title holders in field conditions, or in the course of natural calamity or other circumstances, when there was not any opportunity to prevent the loss of the state awards, that upon the decision of the Commission on State Awards under the President of Russian Federation the award recipients can be issued duplicates of the state awards or the mulyazh. Furthermore, the document indicates that "according to our practise (it's became customary that) at present the Heros of Russian Federation upon receiving the Golden star Medal simultaneously receive mulyazh for permanent use. As far as the USSR Heros is concerned, the legal regulations on issuing mulyazhes of Gold Star Medal have not ever been issued.

Signed, A. Tyashev"

This means that there was never an official regulation issued for official duplicates for the Gold Star Medal for Hero of the Soviet Union. Below is a copy of the letter received. The blurred out area is simply the return address of the researcher.

Note: The author wishes to thank
Erzhena Ulanova for her help in this article.


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